Powering the next generation of blockchain, peer-to-peer, censorship-resistant technologies.


Our mission is to provide next-generation solutions that are decentralized, private and secure, and that enhance freedom of the internet.

Our mission is to provide next-generation software that fosters freedom of expression over the Internet. There is a clear demand for censorship-resistant communication, content sharing, payments and content monetization. To meet that demand, we are building new peer-to-peer solutions with decentralization, privacy and security in mind.

Our solutions


BitTube is building an all-in-one decentralized ecosystem. Connecting people and exchanging value online through social networking, online monetization and peer-to-peer solutions – one step at a time.


Peer-to-peer video conferencing

Private and secure video calls, audio calls, messaging and more. BitTube.space uses peer-to-peer technology to establish direct connections with your contacts. Use the hello.bittube.space public Space for free or create your own private Space without limits.


WebTorrent-powered video sharing platform

BitTube.video is our new video sharing platform. Powered by ActivityPub and WebTorrent, it is based on PeerTube’s open source code. These technologies have censorship resistance built in by design. BitTube.video features real-time content monetization via the AirTime system, and so does not rely on ads or third parties.


All-in-one social networking platform.

Launched in 2019, BitTube.tv  is our current legacy social networking platform for video content, live streaming, direct messaging and more. With the introduction of BitTube.video and BitTube.social, we plan to to reshape the .tv domain for live streaming next year. This will allow for seamless cross integrations and account sharing on each domain, all within the same familiar ActivityPub framework.


In development (2020)

Upcoming social platform based on Mastodon. This will support video/stream embedding and account sharing across .video and .tv domains within the same ActivityPub framework.


Payments, monetization and blockchain.

All necessary information regarding the AirTime monetization, donations, and payments. Details regarding the Tube blockchain, as well as information and services on buying, exchanging, mining and staking TUBE coins.


The BitTube.app domain is the primary download hub for the latest mobile and desktop apps for all BitTube products and services, including the extension, BitTube Browser, Spaces, social apps, and wallets, etc.


Always adapting, evolving and growing. We want ideas to be shared freely without state or corporate censorship. Our ever-changing roadmap reflects this.


31 January

  • Start of the blockchain.
  • The first coin was mined.
  • Listing on Livecoin exchange.


  • Rebrand from IPBC to BitTube.


  • Listing on Bittrex exchange.


  • GUI version with an integrated miner.


  • BitTube video platform Android app.


  • AirTime launch.
  • BitTube video platform iOS app.
  • Wallet app iOS.


  • Debit card pre-registration.


  • Browser extension beta first preview.
  • Android wallet app.


  • Browser extension official launch.


  • AirTime launch on the web. WordPress plugin.

January — March

  • .Extension post-launch
  • .Increase of the AirTime rewards share
  • .Extension post-launch

April — June

  • .Upgrades to the Airtime module

July — September

  • .New features on BitTube.tv


  • .Migration from bit.tube to the new platform


  • .Translation support
  • .Bug fixes
  • .Referral concept system


  • Rebrand and hardfork preparations.


  • Setting up a peertube instance with integrated AirTime module.


  • Updates of desktop wallets and hardfork9 speeding up transaction confirmations 10x.


  • Launching conversion service to the new Tube4 blockchain standard for desktop wallet addresses.

November- December

  • Development of wallet and video apps.

Q1 Bittrex update

  • .Bittrex exchange coin swap to Tube4

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our solutions

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