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Learn more about our company brand and the proper application of the design elements. Download the Press Kit below for all logos, icons, badges and Brand Guidelines.

The Bittube logo

The Logo is an instantly recognisable symbol of the brand. That’s why it’s important to use the Logo exactly as specified in these guidelines.

BitTube Logotype

The BitTube Icon & BitTube Wallet Icon

The icons are formed by four concentric circles that mark the positioning of the elements, the triangular Play symbol or the wallet in the center, a curved line on the top right side of the symbol and a background circle that surrounds these elements. 

What not to do with the Logo & the Icon

To maintain consistency in application, the logo must be used as provided in the Logo section under Resources. The logo must not be redrawn or altered in terms of its appearance, components, colors, proportions, or any other property.

  • Do not_ Mix the colours
  • Do not_ Deform the logo
  • Do not_ Invert the position at logo
  • Do not_ Use a different typeface
  • Do not_ Change the color
  • Do not_ Add drop shadows
  • Do not_ Rotate the icon
  • Do not_ Add a pattern to the icon
  • Do not_ Add any special effects
  • Do not_ Change the triangle’s size

The coin

The coin icon “TUBE” is formed by a T with two horizontal lines that cross it. You’re allowed to scale the icon but it must remain legible, check minimum size at brand guidelines. The coin has a font that you can download with the press kit. You’re not allowed to skew, distort or modify the icon in any other way.

Color pallete

Our Corporate colors are a distinct and crucial part of our identity. They make our brand instantly recognizable. When applied consistently, our Corporate colors will provide a strong visual link across products, platforms, publishers, content and services that sets our company apart from competitors.

Pantone P 112-6 C
R0 G171 B255
C70 M20 Y00 K00
HEX #00abff

Pantone 663 50%
R240 G239 B238
C07 M05 Y07 K00
HEX #eeeeee

Pantone 432
R52 G52 B52
C70 M70 Y60 K80
HEX #343434


HEX #3E62D6

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